Lower Back Pain Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention


How To Get Lower Back Pain Relief

Chronic, severe back pain interferes with almost every activity & this pain causes more loss of work than all other ailments combined. More ever the common cause for all this misery is considered “Trauma” or “Injury”.

  • This trauma can be a sudden, twisting injury to the lower back.
  • A blow to the area.
  • A fall from a height in which you have a sudden compression of bones & disks in the spine.
  • A sudden strain from lifting a heavy object.
  • Or, it can result from any of a number of other dramatic events.

Besides less dramatic forms of injury can also be categorized as chronic trauma,

  • Sleeping on a poor mattress for many years.
  • Sitting slumped in a chair position which produces continual strain on your lower back
  • Any recurring strain put on your back, however mild the strain may be

Chronic trauma occurs in most of our daily lives many times during each day, day after day. The cumulative effects of chronic trauma eventually reach a point at which the back is no longer capable of withstanding them. This is the point when pain occurs. Psychological stress may also cause back pain. An individual develops pain in his back as a defense mechanism in a situation in which he finds he can no longer cope with emotional difficulties. But the pain he feels is still real & must be treated. Back pain can be part of aging when the discs between the spinal vertebrae deteriorate. Spine is a column of 33 bones & provides mobility & stability in humans unlike the animals where it acts as a suspension bridge. Each vertebral segment functions through intervertebral discs, facets & ligaments that any abnormality (even poor musculature & posture) result in back pain.

There are two basic reasons why the lumbar region is so prone to injury & why so many millions of people suffer from back pain. The first reason concerns our discs. During the first 15 to 20 years of life, blood circulates through these tough, flexible shock absorbers that fit between the bones of our spine. During in those twenty years, the discs are in their prime. However, after early adulthood, the blood supply to the disc gradually stops. It becomes weaker & more vulnerable & if damaged, it heals slowly, if at all. The second reasons for back pain is bad habit of lifting & carrying & this lay tremendous stress on the lumbar discs.

Every action of day to day life, like walking, sleeping, and lifting etc. is done properly then back pain can be avoided. But today stress filled life do not allow you to things properly & patiencely, somewhere in some way you slip and you feel a pain either in back or in some other joints. So you always need a treatment or remedy.

Low back pain : -(sacroiliac joint dysfunction)

This pain is experienced directly over the sacroiliac joint and may extend into the buttock & even radiates down the leg. This is differs from many other conditions such as degenerative disc disease, herniated discs & arthritic conditions of the spine, produce very similar symptoms. While these other conditions are commonly considered by physicians for low back pain, the sacroiliac joint often escapes evaluation. The reasons for this-

The symptoms can be very similar to other conditions, which cause low back pain.

Physical examination maneuvers and simple tests like x-rays or even CT scan and MRI’s will not yield the diagnosis.

Many physicians (modern allopathic doctors) are not trained in the diagnosis or evaluation of the sacroiliac joint and do not consider the diagnosis.

But age-old unani medicine has specific treatment for this dysfunction & experienced 100% success results.


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