Temporomandibular (TMJ) joint


FIBROSITIS AND FIBROMYALGIA :- The terms fibrositis and fibromyalgia refer to painful conditions that are technically not arthritis, they are conditions of the soft tissue, some times referred to as non articular soft tissue rheumatism because joints usually are not affected. Individuals who have these syndromes experience stiffness, unexplained pain around their joints, a generalised feeling of aching, easy fatiqualibility and sleep disturbances. While the patient may describe joint pain, physicians usually do not see swelling of joints during examinations. Some patients describe numbness, tingling and poor circulation. A physician may diagnose fibrositis by locating the existence of tender ponits throughout the body during a physical examination. Many more women than men have fobrositis. It usually occurs during childbearing years, but seems to be occuring increasingly during the teen years. Many patients with fibrositis say their pains are worse during cool, damp wheather or during periods of over exertion, anxiety and emotional stress. Symptoms in some women this worsen during pregnancy and then are relieved after the delivery of the baby. Infections seems to make fibrositis worse. Stress also plays a major role in the disease.