Shoulder Pain – What Causes Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be caused by many reasons. Even if one’s suffering from neck pain, back pain or TMJ problems will also suffer shoulder pain. Bad walking habits, wrong sitting posture, sleeping one sided for long can cause shoulder pain. So, the analaysation is first important, then accordingly the pain can be treated. Lifting too much of weight can also cause shoulder’s pain. The stiff military stance shoulders back and chin up can also create pain in the shoulder area. Improper physical exercise can also cause shoulder pain. So it is important to be vigilant in your manner of walking, sitting, sleeping, lifting, exercising to avoid shoulder pain. Then injury or trauma can also cause shoulder pain. And that can not be avoided but can be treated and cured.

These joints are the most active joints in the arms. Injuring can damage these joint or cause uncontrollable pain. Besides, wrong-sitting postures, holding the chair can cause elbow pain. Bad writing habits, holding things in wrong manner. Pulling, pushing in improper order can also cause pains at elbow & wrist. Arthritis can also be cause for elbow & wrist inflammation. With proper analysation these can be treated and cured. I’ll fitting shoes, improper walking habits can also cause shoulders problems and it will lead to pain in elbow, wrist and palms. Diabetes and arthritis also can cause pain in all the joints of a hand or both the hands. Shoulder pain can also lead to parasitic strokes. Sports personals are borne to shoulder elbow wrist and palm pains.

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The shoulder is an important part of the body because it is the most movable joint. However, the shoulder is also an unstable joint because of its range-of–motion. This joint is an asset for everyday activities such as washing, lifting objects, swimming or working in the garden.

It is often susceptible to injury and overuse because the ball of the upper arm is larger than the socket of the shoulder. Shoulder pain may also occur because of injury to the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the shoulder. More serious conditions such as degenerative diseases may affect the shoulder and cause pain that passes along the nerves to the shoulder.

Shoulder pain is widely seen in people who play sports, work for long hours either standing or sitting and work which includes rigorous physical activity. It also appears if you spend long hours in the gym lifting heavy weights. Injury may also be one of the main causes of shoulder pain. People performing these activities are often diagnosed with shoulder pain. The condition could be acute or chronic.

Sleep with an extra pillow

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No – not for your head, but under your shoulder on the affected side. Loss of sleep at night makes it much harder to cope with pain during the day and if you roll onto the painful shoulder when asleep you will wake up in pain. Sleep on your back with the extra pillow under your sore shoulder. Try the Good N Bed Adjustable Wedge or theMediflow Waterbase Pillow – which is particularly good if you have both neck and frozen shoulder pain.