Neck Pain Symptoms and Causes

Neck pain is often related to improper movement going too far in your neck leaning the wrong direction or just not moving in a sound way. You can injure over to pick up a pencil or lounging in a chair. Will end up with sore necks from constantly having to look up on a job.

Besides the small aches & cricks, neck troubles can bring on a host of other symptoms, including head aches, pains in the scalp, face or ears, dizziness, pressure behind the eyes, fainting and pain or soreness in the shoulder of arm. As neck muscles tense, they shorten. That inhibits the head’s full range of motion. And as you move your head less, the muscles get shorter & shorter. Motion is inhibited even more. And because the neck and rest of back are so closely related structurally, a person who suffers with problems in one area could possibly, eventually suffer with problems in the other.

A neck muscles strain often results from an exaggerated curve in the lower back. There’s natural slight “S” curve in the spine columns, but if people get weak abdominal muscles and let their pelvises drop forward, the lower back also goes forward & exaggerates this curve, to compensate, the upper back drops back ward & the neck goes way forward. Pain results.

Some times neck problems are the root of pain in another area of the body. Compressed cervical disc can cause neck pain. Cervical refers to neck area. Discs are soft tissue bodies that provide padding between the vertebrae. When healthy & full sized, they space out those bones properly, cushioning the nerves, blood vessels and muscles tissue that serve the needs of the body’s vital spinal area. When there is too much spinal stress or pressure, one or more discs can become compressed. That puts pressure on the nerves extends from the spinal cord to various other parts of the body. Pain can result in the area to which these pinched nerves extend. A compressed disc in the neck can be caused by many different kinds of injuries or blows to the head or neck. This can be caused by motor accident, or playing rugby or soccer or sleeping with too thick a pillow or sleeping on your stomach.

When dealing with neck pain or any pain, it is more important to get to the root of the problem. Where you feel pain may not be the part of the body where the injury or nerve pressure causing the hurt is actually located. Treatment directed at the site of the pain is there fore often a waste of time, and possibly even counter productive. The whole spinal area, from our neck down to the base of our spine, is where much of this referred pain starts. It is important to understand the structures inside your neck and what sensation you can receive if they begin to weaken. Visualize all those dozens of different nerves leading from spinal cord into arms & legs and points between. Then the vertebrae that are placed there to protect that vital nerve conduit and the potential for pinching nerves that exists when those bony parts get too close together, slip out of place or are injured other ways. If it were not for the soft and cushiony discs between vertebrae, the system simply would not work. Nerves would be pinched every time we moved and message of referred pain sent constantly to our limbs & even to our head.

The neck is the bridge between one’s body & head. Sudden motion of one or the other can impart ‘whiplash’ stress. There is a good possibility that pressure on cervical discs can also be a cause of headache, particularly the persistent kind. Some minor injuries to the neck can cause headaches that go away in eight to there can be wide variety of other injuries that lead to persistent headache problems. Some times old injuries or trauma to the neck can create headaches many years later. Repeated strain or minor injury to the neck may be all that is necessary to precipitate the headache.

There is a possibility that headaches, which originated in neck strain, are caused by a more complex series of events than simply a pinched nerve compression of the vertebral artery can cause partial restriction of blood flow to the head. That can cause pain and other symptoms, especially dizziness. Another possibility is that pinching of the neck nerve in some way affects the nerves serving the head.

Neck pain is a common problem that most of us face once in a while. The structure of the neck consists of bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels and so on. Any adverse impact on these support structures result in neck pain. It is often categorized into acute and chronic neck pain. Acute neck pain is temporary and its causes are mostly related to some minor injuries to the neck. On the other hand, chronic neck pain causes are associated with some underlying diseases and here, the pain persists for a longer period of time.

Causes of Neck Pain

There are several factors that are responsible for causing neck pain. Some of the most common neck pain causes are listed below :

Traumatic Injury: The vertebral bones of the neck provide support to the head. Any trauma where the head is badly jerked forward and backward can injure the bones and gives rise to sudden neck pain. One can sustain this kind of injury in a motor vehicle accident, bad falls or contact sports.

Overuse of Neck Muscles: The neck structure has high mobility. Therefore, the muscles in this region hardly get any rest throughout the day. Prolonged or repeated use of these muscles cause strained neck. Besides, poor posture while working on a computer or while sleeping at night can strain the muscles too. As a result, one experiences neck pain.

Degenerative Diseases: The neck joint structure is subjected to regular wear and tear over a period of time. As a result, it becomes susceptible to degenerative diseases like neck arthritis that causes neck joint pain and inflammation.

Nerve Compression: There are several nerves in the neck that branch out of the spinal cord and exit through the space available in between the vertebrae. When any of these nerves get pressed, then it gives rise to a sharp neck pain. Herniated disk is one such condition where the cartilage disk of the spinal column is ruptured and its gel-like content protrudes out and press the nerve in the nearby region. Similarly, formation of bone spur on the cervical bone can press the nerve.

Other Causes: Meningitis is an infectious disease where the lining of the brain and spinal cord get inflamed. This is a serious condition and it is one of the main neck pain and headache causes. Diabetic patients tend to get neck pain quite often. It can be a symptom of bone abnormalities or formation of tumor on the cervical spine.

Neck Pain Treatment Options

Looking for effective neck pain treatment options? Those of you who have been grappling with the problem of neck pain can try the following methods for attaining neck pain relief.

Neck Massage

If your work involves sitting on a desk or in front of computers for long stretches of time, you might end up with sore neck muscles. If you don’t make efforts to soothe these sore neck muscles, neck pain might become a constant feature of your life. Neck massage is surely an effective way of soothing or relaxing these muscles. Use of correct neck massage techniques can surely help in relieving soreness of neck muscles, so, make sure that you get the massage done by a professional.

Correct Posture

If you have been experiencing neck stiffness on a daily basis, you must pay attention to your body posture. Most of the times, people tend to slouch rather than sitting in an upright posture. This is most likely to cause pain in neck area. Overuse of neck muscles must be avoided at all costs. Many people complain of neck pain and stiffness in the morning. This might be caused due to a wrong sleeping posture or use of an extremely fluffy pillow. Make sure that your pillow and mattress are comfortable and facilitate the proper alignment of the spine.

Neck Pain Exercises

If neck pain is caused due to sitting or sleeping in a poor posture, you can prevent it from worsening by correcting your posture. Physical therapy can surely help in treating this condition. Here are some simple exercises for neck pain relief. You can try neck rotation even while you are sitting on your work station.

There is no way to prevent this. So neck pain can happen to anyone at anywhere. But there are some good exercises for a healthy neck. But there is a prevention of false diagnosis of the cause of upper body pain. Many people have the kind of pain here described but are not fortunate enough to identify the neck quickly as the source of problem. Because we live in such a drugs oriented culture, the first therapeutic thought often is to ask for a prescription for a pain-killing drug or even a tranquilizer. We are trying to help to change that situation. Unani herbal medication or treatment has many advantages over the use of chemical treatments of modern/ allopathic medicines. There needs to be wider understanding of the vulnerability of the neck & what the signs of trouble are. It is advisable & advantageous to treat pain by herbals than chemicals.


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