Myofascial Pain Syndrome (Muscle Pain) Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

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Muscle pain is a normal experience for all of us; this could be blamed on a couple of reasons. Muscle pain can be due to overstretching the muscles or for some people, just because an advanced age. The muscle adjusts to the extended movement by causing microscopic tears in the tiny fibers of the ligaments and tendons. This is a natural response, but it requires that you give the muscles time to recover before the next session.

Most muscle pain is due to tension and overuse that may lead to inflammation. It is a severe condition that involves the connecting tissues that cover the muscles. For those in their prime, muscle pain may be because the muscles are weak already and can’t withstand extended use.

Muscle aches and pains are common and can involve more than one muscle. Muscle pain also can involve ligaments, tendons, and fascia, the soft tissues that connect muscles, bones, and organs.

Muscle pain syndrome could possibly affect either a single muscle or a muscle group. In select cases, the bodily location where a person senses the pain may not actually be where the pain generator is found. Professionals think that the actual location of the injury or the strain gives rise to the growth of a trigger point that, successively, causes pain in an alternate area. This particular pain feeling is regarded as referred pain.

A condition like this evolves from an injury or excessive strain on a certain muscle or muscle group, tendon or ligament. Other possible causes may include :

  • Injury to inter vertebral disc
  • General fatigue/stress
  • Repetitive motions
  • Medical conditions such as heart attack and stomach irritation
  • Over usage of muscles
  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Some prescription medications

Because muscle pain has become a common problem for most everybody, the search for an effective and fast relief for muscle pain is common. An effective muscle pain remedy may come from a number of ways.

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