Introduction Joint Pain, General

FIBROSITIS AND FIBROMYALGIA:- The terms fibrositis and fibromyalgia refer to painful conditions that are technically not arthritis, they are conditions of the soft tissue, some times referred to as non articular soft tissue rheumatism because joints usually are not affected. Individuals who have these syndromes experience stiffness, unexplained pain around their joints, a generalised feeling of aching, easy fatiqualibility and sleep disturbances. While the patient may describe joint pain, physicians usually do not see swelling of joints during examinations. Some patients describe numbness, tingling and poor circulation. A physician may diagnose fibrositis by locating the existence of tender ponits throughout the body during a physical examination. Many more women than men have fobrositis. It usually occurs during childbearing years, but seems to be occuring increasingly during the teen years. Many patients with fibrositis say their pains are worse during cool, damp wheather or during periods of over exertion, anxiety and emotional stress. Symptoms in some women this worsen during pregnancy and then are relieved after the delivery of the baby. Infections seems to make fibrositis worse. Stress also plays a major role in the disease.

BURSITIS:- A condition frequently confused with arthritis is bursitis. Bursitis differs from arthritis in that inflammation of the bursa, which are small, fluid filled sacs near joints between muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. Their function is to reduce friction and help absorb shocks. Bursitis differs from arthritis in that inflammation involves the areas surounding the joint rather than the joint itself. There are many varieties of bursitis, many of which are known by popular names. For example, prepateller bursitis, known as house maid’s knees, is caused by prolonged kneeling on a hard surface and frozen shoulder which is the end result of an untreated form of bursitis of the shoulder.

TENNIS/GOLFER’S ELBOW :- Tennis/Golfer’s elbow-technically known as lateral/medical epicondylitis- occurs in many people who overuse their arms during athltics, gardening, or other activitis. Although the pain may feel similar to arthritis, this condition is not arthritis. Sufferers maym experience pain during hand shaking and lifting light-weight items. The condition consisits of inflamtion, degeneration of the commonextensor tendon and sometimes may involve tendon tearings.

FROZEN SHOULDER :- Frozen shoulder-technically known as pericapsulitis or adhesive capsulitis- causes general pain and tendemess as well as loss of motion. Frozen shoulder usually occurs after the age of 40 and often as a secondary problem after a fall or with another type of shoulder condition, diabetes, or inflamamatory arthritis. The conditions involves the adherence of the shoulder jointcapsule to part of the neck, with the underarm muscles binding to themselves, causing a thickening and contraction or frozen feeling.

HOUSEMAID’S KNEE :- Housemaid’s knee-technically known as prepatellar bursitis-may result from frequent kneeling. There may be pain and swelling of the knees, as well and increased tenderness.

BAKER’S CYST :- Baker’s cyst, technically known as poplitical cysts- involves a swelling of the knee with mild or no discomfort initially.owever, with full flexion of the knee, individual experiences greater discomfort. The condition involves a collection of fluid between the knee joint and the bursa. Popliteal cyst sometimes occur after reheumatoid arthritis, osteo arthritis.r injury to the knees. An arthrogram and ultrasound help a physician make a diagnosis.

SUBLUXATION :- A subluxation is a complex involving the bones in the joint, the muscles, and the surrounding soft tissue. The complex starts when the bones have gone out of their normal position. One of the ways that this happens is through physical trauma such as a fall or a car accident. Another cause can be stress, due to the muscles tightening up keeping the joint from moving properly. When the bones become slightly misaligned, it limits the ability to move and bend. The area attempts to splint itself to prevent further injury. Abnormal bony growths develop over time such as bone spurs. The muscles also attempt to splint the joint to prevent more injury. They can become tight and spasmed on one side of the subluxation and weak and atrophied on the other. Scar tissue results. The surrounding soft tissue will become inflamed and swollen. It will increase in temperature, and blood and fluid will engulf the area. This will also add to the scar tissue. Permanent soft tissue damage may result. The solution to the subluxation complex is a complete assessment AND UNANI TREATMENT.

MUSCLE PAIN OR MYALGIA :– The medical term for muscle pain is myalgia. Myalgia occurs in many rheumatic disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and polymyalgia rheumatica and fibromyalgia

POLYMYALGIA RHEUMATICA :- This is a relatively rare condition of older people, usually not ocurring before the age of 50 years. There is stiffnessin muscles of the hips, thighs. shoulders and neck, as well as pain, particularly in the morning, making movement difficult. This disorder affects more women than men

SCLERODERMA :- Scleroderma is a disease of the connective tissue and may also affect the joints,skin, blood vessels, and internal organs such as the lungs and kidneys. The word scleroderma means hard skin; most people with this condition develop stiffness and tightness of their skin over their face, arms and fingers. This disease usually starts between age 30 and 50, and affeccts more women than men.

PAIN IN WESTERN SOCIETIES :- Few diseases affects as many people as joint and muscle pain and as arthritis, few cause as much pain, disablement and despair. There are more than hundred kinds of a joint, muscle and arthritic diseases. Modern medicine can treat all of the hundred and one and more joint pain or arthritis diseases, but very few are cured. Only the traditional treatment like Unani successfully cures many of these pain related diseases. The modern Europeon and American Societies today face a peculiar situatioin, more than 80% of people in that advanced coutries of western world are suffering from one form or other kind of joint and muscle pain.

Allopathy or modern medicine only treats them without a permanent cure. In USA alone one in every four person are suffering from arthritis or joint pain or general pain related diseases. Arthritis is an expensive disease and in U.S.A it is the nations number one crippling disease. The western society, particularly americans slowly but steadily turning towards traditional medicine in search of a permanent cure. They are not disappointed, luckily they met with successful results, particularly from Unani Herbalism.

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All forms of the arthritis disease affect the musculoskeletal system of the body and are considered systemic for many who sustain organ damage with serious forms of the illness.

As mentioned earlier, the most common form of the disease is osteoporosis, but rheumatoid, gout, lupus and fibromyalgia are also forms of the illness. More women have osteoporosis while more men suffer with gout. Women tend to suffer more with lupus and fibromyalgia as well. Rheumatoid and lupus can cause serious organ damage and is a serious systemic illness although all forms of arthritic diseases can be very painful and many of them very debilitating. Many people go without ever receiving a diagnosis and continue to suffer the rest of their lives without treatment. Some do not know the symptoms of the health condition and wonder what is arthritis when they begin to notice uncomfortable pain while attempting common movements.

Different types of the problem manifests different symptoms, but the most common presentations are joint swelling, a hot sensation in a joint, loss of weight with accompanying pain in joints, joint stiffness well into the morning, and intermittent joint pain. People who experience the various types of conditions all have one thing in common…joint pain and inflammation. For these people, what causes arthritis is not so much the issue, but how to treat their chronic pain is paramount. Treatment can consist of diet management, drug protocols, appropriate exercise, physical therapy and other alternative methods.

Fibrositis, Bursitis, Tennis, Frozen Shoulder and Hosemade Knee diseases affects as many people as joint and muscle pain and arthritis and Painazone capsule is also effective to treat the above diseases,it has been proven that Painazone can be used by the patient of fibrositis, bursitis, scleroderma etc.

There are many benefits to using natural alternative medicines. Benefits of herbal supplements include:

  • No side effects than some conventional medical treatments
  • Lower cost than some modern medical treatments
  • One herbal remedy can often treat a wide range of symptoms as well as herbs provide many natural anti-oxidants.
  • Herbal remedies work naturally on the body, encouraging your body to heal itself by increasing our vital healing force.

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