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Our hands are amongst the most important parts of our body. Now, it would be childish to explain, how important our hands are to us? It is due to the virtue of our hands, that we remain self dependent. Our busy schedules hardly give us time to relax and rest our body parts (except during the night!). We are doing something or the other and we are physically as well as mentally busy for the entire day. It is quite possible, that in the pursuit of performing well and accomplishing various tasks, we put a lot of pressure and stress on our body parts. And our hands are not an exception to it! The human hand is made up of several parts such as the wrist, elbow, arms, fingers and forearms. All of these parts are prone to pain, if we tend to overuse them and ignore rest.

The elbow is a hinged joint where the humeral bone, the radial and ulnar bones meet. You may have elbow pain, even when your not using your arm, this often happens at night, preventing sleep. You may have difficulty positioning your hand for simple tasks.

Elbow joint pain can occur due to various reasons, though, most often it is the result of repeated use or excessive pressure on this particular joint. Below here is a brief account of the causes and treatment for elbow joint pain.

Arthritis is the cause of chronic joint pain. There are three types of arthritis namely osteoarthritis (OA), postraumatic arthritis (PA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Arthritis restricts the movement of the elbow by stiffening it. It is common amongst elderly people.

Sharp pain in the elbow should never be ignored, as it may lead to permanent damage to the elbow joint. Elbow pain restricts the movements of the elbow and affects the quality of a person’s life.

Elbow Joint Pain Causes and Symptoms

Elbow joint pain can be attributed to several factors including, excessive pressure on the joint, tendinitis, sprain, fractures, as well as certain diseases. A few of the most common causes of pain in the elbow joint are

Tennis elbow or elbow tendinitis accounts for a large number of elbow joint pain cases. It is also known as lateral epicondylitis, and affects the tendons that joins the muscles on the outer side of the elbow. The range of movement of the arm is generally not affected, due to tennis elbow.

Golfer’s elbow is the name of medial epicondylitis, that affects the tendons on the inner part of the elbow and cause pain and discomfort. Again, the condition does not restrict the normal range of motion of the elbow, as the inner joint is not affected.

Another common cause of elbow joint pain is bursitis. Inflammation of the bursa at the tip of the elbow, which is termed as olecranon bursitis, can cause elbow joint pain. It can basically, occur due to an injury or trauma and diseases like, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

Sometimes, the compression of the ulnar nerve on the inner side of the elbow joint can lead to elbow pain. This condition is termed as cubital tunnel syndrome Any fracture of the elbow joint or bones around it can also cause pain and discomfort in this area.

Like fracture, sprain of the ligaments in the elbow area can too cause pain of the elbow joint.

Apart from these, diseases like arthritis and gout that causes inflammation and stiffness of the joints can also be responsible for causing elbow joint pain.

Sometimes, septic arthritis or bacterial infection of the elbow joint can too cause pain in this joint. However, this condition is more commonly found in people with suppressed immune system.

Rarely, bone tumors can be responsible for causing pain in the elbow joint.

Elbow joint pain can sometimes be accompanied by a few additional symptoms like, warmth and swelling of the joint, along with redness and tenderness. Sometimes, the condition can also restrict the range of motion of the elbow joint. If the joint pain is caused by septic arthritis, then fever and chills can accompany the condition.

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