Weakness is a general rundown condition felt by the body. There may be a variety of reasons causing this. A very hot and humid day causes weakness due to loss of electrolytes from our body by way of sweating. Many types of fevers cause weakness. Many medications too cause weakness. Anemia, pains, myalgia, fevers, too much work and stress, all are contributing factors for weakness in our body. Weakness is a lack of physical or muscle strength and the feeling that extra effort is needed to perform daily activities that require you to move your arms, legs, or other muscles. Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, or lack of energy.

Both weakness and fatigue are symptoms – not diseases. Because these symptoms can be caused by many other health problems, the importance of weakness and fatigue can only be determined when other symptoms are evaluated.

Hashmi Chyawanprash Capsule is specially formulated for replenishing the loss of vital forces and energy to meet the natural urges of both the male and female. It provides nutritional support, improves appetite, digestion and elimination of waste, restores health, builds a strong body, increases stamina, and improves mental performance. It also provides a protein rich diet supplement and improves the liver and intestinal functions. It is a complete health tonic made for entire family, for daily consumption throughout the year.

Hashmi’s Chyawanprash Capsule increases the utilization of oxygen in your body to the normal levels. As a result, you won’t experience the condition that are typical to tiredness, weakness and fatigue. You will, in fact, feel sharp and active all day long.

Hashmi’s Chyawanprash Capsule helps quickly restore lost energy and is said to be useful in increasing appetite and during convalescence. Its use helps to promote digestion, relieves stress and make one free from mental and physical fatigue. It is recommended as a dietary supplement.


Indications of general weakness include :

  • Rundown condition & general debility
  • Nutritional anemia
  • Loss of weight
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of body resistance of infections
  • Stress & strain
  • Convalescence

Causes of General Weakness

The cause may be actual. It could be due to some neuro-muscular disorder, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, deficiency disorders such as anemia, drug treatment with steroids, or an underlying undiagnosed disease such as cancer, tuberculosis or AIDS.

The cause may also be the aftermath of some acute illness such as pneumonia or a viral fever. Weakness and debility following illness causes nutritional deficiency, which leads to depression. It then becomes a vicious circle of depression, loss of appetite, more weakness, and the cycle continues. A feeling of general weakness also results due to over-indulgence in heavy food, smoking, excessive intake of alcohol, narcotic drugs, or even heavy medication. However, it may not be any of these, but a general lack of energy, caused by a sedentary and lazy lifestyle. Sometimes people feel depressed without any reason. Common causes of weakness includes :

  • Common cold.
  • Cough.
  • Lack of food.
  • Too much hard work.
  • Anemia.
  • Mental Stress or thinking too much.
  • Fever.

In rare cases, weakness may be caused by another health problem, such as:

  • Problems with the thyroid gland, which regulates the way the body uses energy.
  • A low thyroid level (hypothyroidism) can cause fatigue, weakness, depression, memory problems, cold.
  • A high thyroid level (hyperthyroidism) can cause fatigue, sweating, irritability, muscle weakness.
  • A rare nerve disorder that causes weakness in the legs, arms, and other muscles.
  • Myasthenia gravis, a rare, chronic disorder that causes weakness and rapid muscle fatigue.
  • A problem with the minerals found naturally in the body, such as low levels of potassium or sodium.
  • Muscle weakness that is slowly getting worse requires a visit to a doctor.
  • Sudden muscle weakness and loss of function in one area of the body can indicate a serious problem.

Chyawanprash Herbal Tonic

Known as the elixir of life, Chyawanprash is of great value in Herbal treatment. It is an ancient Ayurvedic tonic that serves as the best and the most natural health supplement for the human body.

A comprehensive herbal tonic with multiple health benefits, it is used by people all over the world today, A proven energizer , immunity booster and pre-emotive tonic, it strengthens the brain, sharpens the memory and prolongs the span of life. It is a preventive and curative tonic.

At a time when flu and viruses are everywhere, your immunity system provides the best prevention from these deadly diseases. Hashmi’s Chyawanprash Capsule, a time-tested, age-old formulation has a number of herbs like Amla, known to be one of the best antioxidants, Giloy (Guduchi) known to have immune modulator properties, and has more than 40 other natural ingredients, to boost immunity.

Chyawanprash Benefits :

Chyawanprash is a reservoir of benefits. There are distinct ways of defining Chyavanprash such as energy booster, rejuvenator, health tonic and many more. It offers a multitude of health benefits for which it has become so popular in India. In today’s times, people are leading such an unhealthy lifestyle that is characterized by improper diet, lack of exercise and sedentary job.

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